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Our leagues cater to ensure every player, regardless of skill, has the chance to develop and also experience what it is like to play organized sports. Focusing on both team and individual growth, players will walk away with improved skills, a greater understanding, and a stronger love of sports.


T-Ball League

The focus of the T-Ball League is for the participants to have fun while learning the game of baseball at its most fundamental level. Parents coach in this league and games are umped by the coaches of Hot Shots Sports. Hot Shots Sports coaches provide instruction while umping to ensure all players understand the rules of the game and are advancing their skills each week.
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Game Time Basketball League

In this extended version of our traditional Game Time Basketball, players receive an extra hour of practice and game time, as well as a Jersey. Focused solely on player development, players get as many reps as possible both in practice and during games. Gameplay follows the same format as the Game Time Basketball class, and prepares players for Travel basketball.

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Lake Zurich

Olympic Track and Field Games

Players will learn the basics of all major track and field events such as sprinting, relay races, high jump and much more! Form and technique will be taught in this innovative program to introduce young players to an exciting form of competition. Players will be awarded trophies and medals, and individual and team competitions will be held weekly.
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3 on 3 Pickup Basketball/League

Players develop core fundamental and an advanced skill set in this team oriented 3-on-3 program. Enter your own team of three to five players, or sign up as an individual to meet new players. Each team plays a minimum of two half-court games each week. This league allows players to practice their team skills while still getting plenty of ball touches. Referees monitor game play. Teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized.

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Dodgeball League

This league provides participants with an opportunity to play the popular game in a safe and supervised environment. The program uses super soft balls and safety is stressed during game play. Each week players learn new variations of the game, keeping class fresh and the kids having fun. Time limits are placed on all games so participants do not sit out too long and remain active throughout the class. The first week includes practice play and evaluations to select balanced teams. The season concludes with playoffs, winners taking home a medal. Each participant receives a team t-shirt.
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