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Game Time Softball

Develop skills such as base coverage, relay plays, calling plays, and working with the pitcher/catcher. Offensively, the class covers strategic ways to advance the runner and work off the bunt. Players have the opportunity to refine their hitting skills by learning how to sacrifice hit, bunt and slap hit. Every class is a live game, so bring your teammates out to learn and grow together.
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Softball Clinic Level 2

Learn how to play each position effectively with instructional focus on base coverage and infield/outfield teamwork. Advance your offensive game by learning how to bunt and develop proper hitting techniques and bat swing. The clinic also cover base running and give instruction on how to steal and slide.
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Advanced Softball Pitching Clinic

This Clinic deals exclusively with instruction on fast-pith softball mechanics. Each participant develops a solid background in basic fundamentals of pitching mechanics, grip, stride, and release. For more developed pitchers the provides speed and placement techniques. 

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Advanced Softball Hitting Clinic

This clinic is designed to instruct participants on the proper hitting technique. Players learn the fundamentals of hitting including: grip, stance, stride, swing, and follow-through. Other offensive skills including bunting and slap hitting will also be taught. Players should bring their own bat. 

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