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Gymnastics 101

This intermediate class will work great for both beginners and those with a solid foundation of gymnastics form and technique. Participants will focus on developing control and balance while learning more advanced concepts on how to control the body during handstands, handsprings, and cartwheels. Kids will be exposed to a general knowledge of all the different events involved in gymnastics, and how each event requires a different skill set.
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Intro to Gymnastics

This introductory course will expose participants to the basics of gymnastics, working on balance and how to control their core and form. Participants will learn on how to properly invert themselves and do so in a safe a controlled manner, while also working on basic technique. The will be no specific focus on any one aspect of gymnastics, but a broad study of what it takes to be a gymnast.
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Tumbling Enrichment

Start with the fundamentals of tumbling and learn backward and forward rolls, handstands, back bends, bridges and cartwheels. Then, learn advanced skills like back walkovers, back extension rolls, round-offs, back handsprings and more.
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